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For All Your RAF Claims And Querys

If you have a query, please call TAM. Attorneys at 79 307 3932 (from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm) or e-mail enquiries to info@tamattorneys.co.za.

You can read more about these types of claims on our related website www.accidentclaim.co.za.

We handle Client Case Uniquely

We understand and know that even though events may look similar or the same that does not make them the same hence the each case is handled different

Motor Vehicle Accidents

TAM Attorneys produce excellent results in these cases and our top team will ensure that you get great service. We keep our clients constantly updated and we do operate, where clients specifically request same, on a contingency basis. 

We get to share our legal expectise

TAM Attorney gives its clients solid road accident legal advise and assists you in getting the claim that you deserve, by doing so we get to share the experience with you as we process your claim.

Our Footprint In The Personal Injuiry Flield

Personal Injury Attorneys, TAM Attorneys, have a significant foot print in the personal injury field of law and assist clients in various claims ranging from dog bites, to medical malpractice and wrongful arrests. They have assisted thousands of people in claiming compensation in such cases and consistently provide their clients with regular updates, transparency and ultimately, top results.

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